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About Polycart Luxury Packaging LLC

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria and delivering packaging to most countries in the EU, Polycart is offering a wide range of packaging for all types and sectors of the economy. We mostly produce per order, however, we keep in stock some generic products that are often used in small quantities. Specialized in paper, plastic, carton and corrugated packaging, we offer solutions to every customer requirement, at the most competitive prices in the European Union. Additionally, we work in partnerships on a contract basis with companies in the textile, jewellery, electronics, food, pharma, parts, drinks and related industries to offer premium luxury packaging with good quality and low prices, to satisfy the market demand for bespoke custom luxury packaging.

We can offer the best value in quality and price aspect for all types of cardboard, paper, synthetic cover materials, corrugated materials, self-adhesives and plastic materials for all types of printed and plain packaging in the European Union and beyond.

If you look for a specific price, have a certain price offer from another product, you can send us samples so we try to match the quality required with the price target you have in mind, for more information please write us an email.






Polycart Principles and Values:

Customers are Our Number One

Our concern is serving our customers’ needs, making sure they receive the best quality and service available. And that goal is pursued by all aspects of the company – from Sales and Customer Service to Production to Accounting to Administration – to make sure our customers are satisfied with the product and service they receive from us.

Our Customer Service Representatives work directly with Production to get orders produced and shipped on time and exactly the way our customers want them.

Our Production staff, from the supervisors to the stock handlers, make quality and accuracy their primary goal. Although Production strives for a high daily output goal, they always put quality control first.

Employees are Our Biggest Asset

We know that our people are a very important factor for our success, so we try to create a pleasant working environment with smooth workflow and organization and proper interpersonal communication. Besides, we hire the most qualifies people as sales representatives and try to provide incentives for them to perform.

Current Technology is the Key

We understand that technology is our main competitive advantage, therefore, we invest constantly in new equipment. Through the years the company has kept technologically up-to-date with equipment and procedures to maintain an efficient (and cost-effective) production facility.

Custom Orders are Our Speciality

We can easily manufacture standard-size products, however, the specialities have become our speciality. Whether you need special papers, sizes, or new features, we are ready to do whatever it takes to meet your demands. Thus Polycart prides itself on manufacturing to the customers’ needs and specifications.

We also offer quick turnaround times of custom and standard orders in quantities of 1,000(custom orders) to 10 million for standard plain production.

Mission Statement and Long Term Values:

To provide complete solutions to customers for paper, plastic, corrugated, and carton packaging at the most competitive prices in the EU, with great service and fast delivery, thus allowing us to achieve at least 20% growth each year.

In the long term, we aim to constantly develop new products, markets and at the same time add new products to the markets we are already in, so we are satisfying customer needs for luxury packaging the best way we can.


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