How to Design Packaging For a New Product ?

When developing a product, the company spends a lot of time behind it designing and conceptualizing; packaging is usually an afterthought.


Your packaging is the spokesperson of your product, so it is important to incorporate your packaging considerations into product development. Although the packaging production process is simple, making the right decisions in packaging design is the key to producing effective and influential packaging.


Determine Your Packaging Strategy


 In addition to aesthetics, packaging can also be used as a form of advertising for your newly developed products. The cost and materials of the packaging can have an impact on important aspects of your business. Everything from the customer experience to the bottom line. Prioritizing your packaging factors will have a significant impact on the impact of your new products on the market.


This is why formulating a packaging strategy will help guide your product packaging design process. These questions: What kind of story do you want to describe? A strong brand narrative can add value to your brand, create a more attractive story for consumers, and help build authentic connections.


What is the Difference Between Your Product and The Competition?


Ideally, you want something that allows customers to choose you over others, but what is your product to achieve this goal?


Why is your product on the market and what is the amazing factor?


 Link this to the question of differentiation, because it’s about understanding why someone likes your product and this will go into packaging design. Where will your customers interact with your products? Depending on whether it is e-commerce or retail, different factors need to be considered when designing packaging. How do you want your customers to feel? As more attention is paid to the packaging experience, it is crucial to create products that customers are happy to buy and open.


Choose The Right Packaging Type


 The packaging type you choose will affect the appearance, feel and quality of the product. Depending on the type of product you are developing, some of your choices may be limited or have a chance to go crazy.


Material is another consideration for your packaging. You may need to pack the product in different packaging layers, including outer layer, inner layer and product packaging. It is important to design and combine each layer to create a consistent customer experience.


 Outer Layer


This is what makes your product safe and sound, so there is a lot to consider here! The outer layer provides protection because it is transported to the destination or the items are placed in bags in the store. Ideally, you are looking for durable materials that can withstand harsh conditions but are consistent with your brand.


 Inner Layer


These are extra parts surrounding the outer packaging to ensure product safety. Depending on the type of product, it is usually something that prevents the product from moving too much, such as packing peanuts or paper towels.


Or it can be a layer to maintain the freshness of the food packaging. This varies from product to product, but the idea is that keeping the product intact is another layer of security.


 Product Packaging


Ah, the most familiar one! Product packaging refers to the actual packaging (and all other layers of protection) where your product is located. This could be a box, wrapping paper, bottle, really anything that can hold a product.


You can learn more about the packaging layer here to better understand the process from start to finish. Different types of packaging materials have different functions.


For example, if you have food or liquid products, your packaging options are subject to some restrictions. Any random box will not work, you need food-grade packaging options with special coatings and seals to ensure your products are safe, hygienic and fresh.


Paper food packaging is also related to food packaging, especially in the catering industry. Although its role is to capture excess oil from any fast food or baked goods, it can also be printed, designed and customized.

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